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11311 E. FM 917 • Alvarado, Tx 76009

Looking for someone to help spread those loads of flex base on your driveway and make it look perfect? Or maybe you need someone to use a tractor to spread some screened topsoil around a project to fix the grade? For jobs on this scale we stand behind Terry Loggains. He is handy and proficient with his Ford tractor! Terry offers competitive rates and can service most jobs within a few days. You can give Terry a call at 214-551-5987 or call our office for more info (we can even send you pictures of Terry's work!)

We get calls just about every day asking for recommendations for a good contractor and honestly, at times, it has been hard to recommend anyone, but after years of working with various contractors on both big and small projects, these are some guys that we stand behind - AND - we are putting it out there for the whole world to see!

We ran in to John Hart, with Hart of Texas Construction several years ago, and after working with John on project after project (and even having him handle our ground up project which you can come and inspect) we stand behind our recommendation of Hart of Texas Construction for any Commercial or Large Residential project you might have! John excels at pad work, grade work, and flex base parking lots, but no job is out of his scope. Give John a call at 817-269-9451 or call our office for more info!


If you would like to have mulch installed at your house or small business without ever having to leave the computer (or get your hands dirty), give the awesome guys at By The Yard Mulch a call at 817-239-1224. With a wide variety of mulches to chose from, competitive pricing, and quick and convenient installation, this is a great option for many homeowners and small businesses!